Erika and Patrick

We held a memorial celebration for Erika Niedowski on Saturday, March 20th. There is a private recording of it available, which can be requested from Patrick.

At its conclusion, we announced the Erika Niedowski Memorial Scholarship. We’re still ironing out the details, but more information, including about donations, is posted at:

Patrick frequently writes memories and stories about Erika. You can find those here: Erika Stories

At Erika’s celebration, multiple people cited the fact that she was a Pulitzer Finalist. Some didn’t know this about her. If you would like to read the story that she wrote about 18 month old Josie King, it is here, in the Baltimore Sun.

If you want to know what happened with Erika, I wrote about that here:

To contact me:


2 thoughts on “Erika and Patrick

  1. Kathy Lally

    Dear Patrick,
    My husband, Will Englund, and I worked with Erika at The Sun. (We also preceded her in the Moscow Bureau. We were there before Doug, her immediate predecessor.)
    We were deeply moved by the memorial yesterday and can only echo what everyone said about Erika. She will not be forgotten. She has left behind a spirit that will always touch and inspire those who knew her, and through them, so many others.
    We wish you strength as you live with your enormous grief. And thank you so much for yesterday’s beautiful and joyful celebration of her life.


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