Erika’s Memorial Service

The service will be held on Saturday, March 20th at 1:00 pm US ET. This will be done via web conferencing software so anyone can attend from anywhere. The site will ask for your name and your email address. We’re not going to spam you or anything after, it’s just like a virtual guest book.

This link will open at 12:30 pm (US ET) on March 20th:

If you need to contact me:

This event will feature some of Erika’s family and friends speaking live as well as others with some pre-recorded thoughts and memories. We will open up the link at about 12:30 pm on March 20th with a slideshow of photos of Erika and then start at 1 pm.

Would you like to share memories or thoughts? We’d love to get those. You can send them in writing or if you’d like to participate in a video that Patrick will put together, record a short video with your thoughts or a short story about her. Please try to keep stories to less than a minute as we won’t be able to include a lot of long stories. You can also video record yourself answering questions like:

  • “How or when did you meet Erika?”
  • “What was your first impressions of Erika?”
  • “What will you remember or miss most about her?”
  • “What is the most Erika thing you ever experienced?”

Here’s an example of the type of thing that we’d love to see.

If you make one and send it in, we’ll edit it into another video we’re making. You can send those to: This email address can also be used if you have any questions or anything else about Erika.

If you didn’t hear what happened with Erika, I wrote about that here:

If you cannot attend, the service will be recorded and available for later viewing.

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