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Value of a Good Manager

This in no way reflects my current management, it’s more thoughts of managers past and managers of other friends.

I’m surprised that more businesses and employers don’t always understand the true value of a good manager. I think often the thought is on how well the manager can do their own tasks and don’t see the true value of management and leadership. A management position is sometimes seen as just a logical career progression, and not thought of as a true skill, like many others. I have seen where a bad manager can be put in charge of a number of good employees, and the good employees end up either leaving the job or becoming stale, and then sometimes the manager also leaves the job. Then I think of the good employees who have left and would have still been an asset to the company if not for that bad manager.

A good manager can fix bad employees and make good ones better. A bad manager cannot fix bad employees and will likely make good ones bad, or make them leave.

Just my thought for the day.