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I Had Open-Heart Surgery – Short Version

I wanted to write a blog post about my experience and try to answer as many questions as possible, so it got really long. The longer version is after this post and here: https://patricklaverty.com/i-had-open-heart-surgery-long-version/

On Thursday, May 19, I got open-heart surgery. It was expected and scheduled. I got one heart valve replaced and one repaired. I was in the hospital for about five days after that and everything is going really well right now. The recovery process has been pretty smooth though definitely a lot harder than I anticipated. I’ve never been through something as big as this physically and the toll it takes energy-wise. I’m on home rest now for a couple weeks where my job is to basically take naps when needed, eat healthy, get a good night sleep and go for a bunch of 10 minute walks each day. And I’ll probably keep the Long Version updated as I go through the process.